Peganum Harmala - Seeds

Peganum Harmala - Seeds

20 grams (9.70€)

100 grams (42.50€)

Peganum harmala, also known as Syrian rue, grows from the Mediterranean to northern India, Mongolia, and Manchuria. Everywhere it has many uses in folk medicine, being also valued as an aphrodisiac. Its seeds have been employed as a spice, and its fruits are the source of a red dye and an oil. The seeds possess known hallucinogenic alkaloids, especially harmine and harmaline. The esteem in which the peoples of Asia hold the plant is so extraordinary that it might indicate a former religious use as an hallucinogen. (in Hallucinogenic Plants – A Golden Guide).

Approximately 3 grams of Peganum Harmala seed is required for a potentiating dose. Put the seeds in a coffee grinder. The resulting powder is then: 1) put into gelatin capsules. With this method it will take about two hours for the seeds to take effect. 2) boiled for a few minutes to make tea. The effects will start in just 1 hour, but the taste of the tea is rather bitter. 3) extracted by using for example vodka as a solvent. The extract can be smoked or ingested. Peganum Harmala can also be used in Juremahuasca or Mimohuasca.

Peganum Harmala is an MAO -inhibitor ! Yleiset